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10-Minute Ninja - Be a ninja even with YOUR schedule

Hey PIMA Palm Beach Family and Friends,

Summer schedule have things busy? Can’t make it to class? Feeling bad your child wasn’t able to get their “ninja” on? We have and easy Pediatric Ninja workout that will fit into your busy life, guaranteed! Just follow this quick 10-minute routine and your child will feel happier and healthier!

Start with a quick 2-minute warm-up! Our goal here is to get moving and trigger the release of endorphins which help relieve stress! Let’s begin with their Active warm-ups from class so we can stick with something familiar and fun! HINT: do it together for a great bonding experience!

Shoulder Taps – Your ninja will build arm strength by holding their push up position, while tapping their shoulders, alternating arms while you count for ten reps!

Beginner Squats - Build their leg strength by lowering their body in a squat position with their arms extended in front of them as you count out ten reps.

After we get their bodies and brains warmed up it is time to get to work! Our goal here is to set them up for success and rewarding them with high-fives and hugs which will naturally release dopamine. Spend about 3 minutes working on these great drills.

Missed Me – All you need is a few small pillows. Explain that you will be testing their ability to FOCUS with their eyes, and to have the best FOCUS they will have to dodge each pillow that you throw at them. Do this a few times, each time increasing the speed at which you throw the pillows. Finally, it’s payback time! Have them throw the pillows at you and see who has the best FOCUS!

Squish Punch – This is an amazing CONTROL Drill that will help them learn to control their speed! All you need is 2 soft pillows, one for each of your hands. The goal is for your ninja to punch, and you will try to squish their punching hand with your pillows! Explain that to win, they have to get 5 punches in a row without being squished!

Lastly, spend 2 minutes with these stretches to give your ninja some “download” time which will allow the mini lessons we just went through to sink in and increase their ability to retain the information!

Ball Roll – Curl up and hug your knees and rock back and forth for (3) 10 second reps.

Front Leans – Stand with feet together, and lean forward letting your hands hang down to your feet. Hold for (3) 10 second reps.

We hope you enjoy this quick 10-minute Pediatric Ninja workout! Save or bookmark this article for the next time you need a quick workout for your ninja! Don’t forget to request access to our PIMA Parents Page for more great tips to up YOUR Parent Skillz! Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1546150798979175/ 


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